Tarun J Tejpal

The Valley of Masks, 2011 Longlist

Tarun J Tejpal is the founder-editor of Tehelka, a news organization acclaimed globally for its aggressive public interest journalism. He lives with his wife in New Delhi. His two daughters work in cinema and in conservation.

This is my story. And the story of my people.

It is not a long story. Some men would tell it in the time it takes to drink a glass of bittersweet Ferment. And then there are those who would tell it in such detail that barrels would be drained dry and they would not arrive at its end. I am in between – too confused to be too short or too long. I was not always so. Once I was a man of opinion and will and purpose. Men turned to me for fixity when their hearts and minds wavered. Once.

Today my crisis is time. I have just heard the whistle of the nine o’clock train, and now the sand is running out of my hourglass.

So begins The Valley of Masks, a searing exploration of the pathologies of power, purity and dogma, of men and their fantasies. Examining the seed questions that dog mankind, Tejpal’s remarkably original novel, masterful and universal, gives us a frightening yet ultimately redemptive vision of the future.


HarperCollins India, Fourth Estate

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