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Get Involved

Get Involved

To receive announcements of the titles being published by the Celebration of Women Writers, email me at and ask to be added to the BUILD-A-BOOK mailing list.

To discuss on-line books, archives, and related issues such as copyright law, join the BookPeople Mailing List, sponsored by the Celebration of Women Writers and the On-Line Books Page.

Donate Information:

You can help by sending us information, including URLs for on-line books, author resources, and archives that we don’t list. You can also help by pointing out errors and corrections in the On-line Books Page and the Celebration of Women Writers pages.

The basic format for listing an author includes the author’s name, pseudonyms, birth and death dates, and country of origin. I’m always happy to list new published authors. I am also delighted to link xxx to on-line information: just send me the URL for the relevant page. However, I don’t have the resources (in terms of either time or space) to create and maintain “about the author” pages in response to other information that people send me.

Email Mary ( ) with information for the Celebration of Women Writers.

Donate Time:

If you’re interested in putting a book on-line, we provide information pages on Selecting A Book and on Transcribing and Proofreading. Relevant issues when selecting a book include getting ideas for possible authors and titles and determining the copyright status of a book. A list of some of the books which people are working on is available c/o of the On-Line Books Page. The Transcribing and Proofreading pages describe the work involved, and discuss some of the most common errors and problems that occur. We request that you check with us before working on and submitting a book. That way we can tell you if it is already online, or under copyright, or would not be suitable for inclusion on the site for some other reason, before you invest time and energy working on it.